this is gonna be gross


yesterday after work I ubered a little and came home early made dinner turned on the shower because I was wheezing and blowing my nose and since I was a lad the steam from the shower cleared things up nice.

I had just eaten a ding dong.

And just like that it was being projectiled across my bathroom towards and mostly in the toilet.

Mostly is never great when vomit is involved.

Got involved with vomit a bunch last night and this morning.

Then I took a nap.

Then I laid in bed thinking of you.

Then just noticed as my body slowly healed itself in one day. One full day.

My legs are sore from not leaving the bed but my insides are free of phlem, I haven’t sneezed blown my nose or coughed since the sun went down.

Modern miracle.

When I woke up this morning I thought is be sick for 10 days. But now I’m going to climb a mountain and fight a bear and steal a fish from his grasp and eat it infront of him I feel so good.

God did this.

I’m old. I’ve been sick before. I never believed this was a cold. It was allergies that somehow got out of control. But then God put his foot down.

I missed so much today. There was a nexus reunion. Dylan’s bday party. Bree invited me to a rock show. And black sabbath played the bowl.

I didn’t go. I watched tv. I felt the crazy miracle.

I made a big salad.

Then, beefaroni.