today donald sterling got banned for life from the nba for saying racist things

donald sterling with mistress

because life is amazing and karma can be (close to) instant, heres how it went down.

Sterling was pretty racist during most of his financially successful life.

but because people are complex, he fell in lust with a half mexican half black 20something

and started cheating on his wife of 50 years

because as Chris Rock says, men are only as loyal as their options

and apparently when youre rich or handsome you have lots of options.

since Sterling is both, he can pull any woman in LA.

unfortunately for him he wound up with someone who didnt appreciate being sued by his wife for $1.8 million

maybe because she does not have $1.8 million, but she does have access to the Record app on her iPhone

and she knew how to get her sugar daddy to talk and talk and talk.

i wonder how she got him to do that. maybe it was the outfit she was pouring him the juice in?

anyways the chain of events of Wife sues Mistress, Mistress releases Tape of Sugar Daddy

to Sugar Daddy gets banned from NBA for ever-ever

was quicker than anyone expected for a few reasons

1. Sterling was unliked

2. The evidence of the racism was clear

3. It involved a beloved black NBA star who has been living beautifully with a deadly disease

4. It spread through the Internet from a source that isn’t burdened by office politics: T Em Zed

We are through the looking glass people.

From now on I will only kiss my mistress and whisper sweet nothings into her ear.