today is etienne’s birthday, she’s 30


which means we now have to break up.

jk she doesn’t even know I exist.

jk I got a note from the xbi that she got a very interesting role in the new Godzilla movie

Apparently they were filming in Chile and they needed a very flexible person to climb into the monster suit and stomp around the set for hours and hours

Like Johnny Bravo she fit the suit and if everything goes right with her visa she might make a quickie surprise visit to the premiere of the movie in NYC

Lucky you, NYC. Ripoff for everyone else.

Etienne is currently in Santiago writing screenplays, eating crazy foods and breaking hearts.

Her dog Uva is doing well in the desert chasing horses and protecting the homestead.

Meanwhile her adopted city of LA misses her mucho and wishes her the best on this very especial day.