Always tell your momma you love her


There are sad parts about life. Sometimes super sad things that might make you pull over your car and just cry into your French fries.

Sometimes people will do things to you that they know are hurtful, or they’ll say something, repeatedly. Or maybe the one you love just doesn’t love you back. And never will.

You might have a sports team that always loses. Or you might have a super hard job that just doesn’t fulfill you.

Or maybe you can’t find a job at all and it makes you feel worthless inside. And scared. And desperate.

This life thing is a challenge. For reals.

But to me, I can’t even imagine the pain of knowing you have a son or a daughter and a tornado is in the neighborhood. And you’re texting him.

And then the texts stop.


I’m pretty sure I’d probably lose my mind.

I’d probably think God stopped loving me.

I’d wonder what did I do? What did the kid do – so bad that everyone else survived but not my little baby.

The curse of having both life and an intellect is the haunting question of Why.

And the ripoff of existence is the answer is almost always not there.