as you know there’s a cat that lives under my house


And there are others that live in the bushes and trees

The under house cat I’ve named Troll because he’s mean to the other cats. When the food appears he tries to nudge the others away. He licks all the kibble. And he stands in such a way that it makes it difficult for the others to eat.

Then there’s Blanket, a black n white cat who I really wanted to make my personal cat because he had courage and is cute and would waltz into my home sniff around and quickly leave if he thought I was gonna trap him.

Why would I want to trap anything that didn’t wanna be there?

Couldn’t he see that as a black man, freedom is a big deal to me? Freedom of speech, of free thought, and especially of movement?

But some are untrusting because they don’t know me or maybe others have mistreated them or limited their fun.

I am here to love, stray friends, I esp them. And to document your uniqueness. But they pretend they can’t hear me. They can.

The other day I saw Blanket shoot out from under the house. I only thought Troll ever lived there. When he did I saw the other cats scatter. Eventually the food appeared and some of the fuzzy ones (Beyonce, Holyfield, Chaka) waltzed over and began nibbling.

Then Wrigley walked over. He’s my new favorite because he lets me pet him and when he explores my house he isn’t scared. It’s pretty obvs he wants in forever. He rubs his neck on the corners of things and when he gets near the door he loiters because why not stay where the food is?

Suddenly he looks up. As do the others. They spot Blanket lurking. That ruins their appetite and they slowly walk away. Then Blanket runs over and nibbles a little and I can see all these scratch marks on his neck and body. He’s been fighting.

I deduce that he’s been bullying the others, that’s why they don’t wanna eat around him. I also assume that he’s the cause of Holyfield and Chaka’s bloody ear gauges. Those cats are so gentle they didn’t do that to themselves.

Why Blanket? Why I ESP him when he looks at me. He looks like a tomboy all dirty but cute but damaged inside and out. And maybe now I know why, he’s been sleeping with Troll who doesn’t like or trust anyone or anything.

And just when I was about to lose faith, the other morning I woke and saw Wrigley waiting by the cat door by the garden hose where Blanket and Troll live.

He was waiting to play with them.

Even though they are so mean to everyone, and down right violent, Wrigley still knows they are brothers and loves them.

Maybe if more ppl loved them they’d be nice again he ESPed me when I took his picture.