I haven’t written for LAist in forever

But the very sweet Rachel Reynolds invited me to Bruce Springsteen’s producer’s studio (mr bob clearmountain) on Cinco de Mayo

To see and hear the Mexican guitar slingers Rodrigo y Gabriela

And I knew I was gonna tell the world about such a perfect night

So I asked LAist’s editor Emily if she was interested and she said Si

But of course I got an uber over there bc I knew is be drinking. Your BFF canceled on me at the lastest minute possible which made me very sad.

Weirdly when I texted the lovely Daria she said oh hell yes so we sped over there, rocked out, drank, and them drank more and ate tacos at Taco Zone

Then got caught jaywalking and I told the cops that if they only gave me a ticket I would remove the curse I could see hanging over them.

They said what curse.

I said you know the one.

And now I’ve gotta pay like $200 in a month. Which is better than both of us paying.

So we got in an uber and went home and drank and drank.

The next day boy was I tired but I wrote the whole review on my bAck on this iPhone and this morning they published it.

Because it’s life, some sad things happened because not every thing is perfecto and some people are loco. Here’s what you’ve gotta do: burn bridges.

And then shake the ashes off at the town’s gates.

Not everyone’s going to respect you. That’s their loss, not yours. Yours is the kingdom of Heaven.

This morning Daria invited me to the Vegan Beer Fest and I said hell yeah.