a little kid on his adorable tricycle was attacked by a dog yesterday in Bakersfield and then…

“Amy” points out that the Bakersfield Sun has the best quotes about it:

“My cat, I have no idea where she was prior, honestly through the heat of it, I have no idea where she went after. Full lion safari moment,”said Triantafilo, who also has 2-year-old twin boys, Carson and Connor. They were in the house when the attack occurred.

All three boys treat Tara about the way you’d expect, their mom said.

“My kids are absolutely awful to her. They tug on her tail, they pull on her ears, they try to lift her up and carry her around — which obviously doesn’t work for a 2-year-old quite as well,” said Triantafilo.

“I think they’ve sat on her, they’ve jumped on her and she just looks at them with that annoyed cat look that all cats have and … takes it. She really is the most amazing cat.”

Which made me think:


image by Bloopy. thanks

Now my work computer is broken too


And the IT guys are busy

And the clock is ticking

And everyone seemingly wants my time and attention all of a sudden

I need to get an iPad. Bad.

Every Boy Scout knows the importance if having a good backup.

A Plan B.

This phone is ok but not perfect. Maybe instead of a tablet I should get an Air?

ABC: A Always, B be, C throwing money at problems.