behold the only photo of aj and i on the air on kcsb in santa barbara

aj and me on the air of kcsb in santa barbara

aj had a metal show on like wednesdays at 9pm called the speed of sound

so naturally i was in love with her.

i had a new music show on at 6am on thursdays called good morning goleta

marys danishi opened each show with a bible reading followed by a led zeppelin tune

because it was 6am who the hell was up in isla vista?

sometimes i would co-host the speed of sound with her because her show was in safe harbor

meaning we could play records with dirty words in em

and we had a funny little routine where id say something and shed make fun of me.

or she would run to the bathroom and id throw on some gangsta rap

(which had just begun as the years were 89-91.)

and she’d come back and yell at me.

it was the sort of radio youd have a hard time turning off because

a) aj had the perfect voice and taste for heavy metal radio

b) who knew what i was gonna do, certainly not me

c) we could play songs that no one else on the air could because they were worried about commercials

one day a band called Mary’s Danish, who both of us loved, was scheduled to play right outside in Storke Plaza

somehow the schedule was shifted around so that aj and i could live broadcast the gig

first marys danish came in and we interviewed them

(to great success bc they were so nice, into it, and we knew their music really well)

and then they went outside and started rocking to a huge crowd.

it was a great day and this photo was taken right before marys danish came in to talk with us.

today is the first day ive seen this picture.

either aj is really sleepy or she was in love with me back.