dear tony, how do you get over someone who broke your heart?

10345843_790476220970100_5403092493975692544_nthis might be the easiest question ive ever gotten.

in fact id rather talk about how the Cubs are going to win the World Series in 2016 but get overshadowed by the presidential campaign when Sarah Palin goes up against Condi Rice who will run as an independent.

our bodies tell us everything but we’re so engrossed in denying it what we want that we dont listen.

when you eat a bad bowl of gumbo what happens: your body expels it in disgusting and messy ways so that you’ll never forget.

when our hearts break we have the same feelings but because we are insane and lazy beasts we try to pretend that that hurt didnt actually hurt

and worse: that the people who did the damage arent actually bad.

they bad.

that bowl of chili should be avoided.

over time you might get used to that terrible chili, but this magnificent universe was not created so that we could get used to bullshit.

we are here to bask in the glory of creation and dance around in the joys of life, love, and mindblowing fun.

somewhere we tricked ourselves into thinking that the lack of explosive anal expulsion means that we made the right choices.

heres when you know youve made the right choice: when youre grinning from ear to ear and your friends think youve been brainwashed.

unfortunately most of us stay in our safe little comfort zones and we convince ourselves that true love and real happiness are either not possible or can be possible with an upset stomach full of crappy ass chili.

no, we can be truly happy with people who challenge and respect us who bring us love naturally because they are our match, not because they simply fit the suit.

how do you get over someone who isnt right for you: throw out everything of theres that reminds you of them, remember that life is short, and never talk to them again.