1. Saturday, May 31, 2014

    ive been there over 100 times yet im still figuring it out 

    ali and chris

    i was having a great night ubering when i got a call from ali who said she was having sushi dreams and where was i

    i said i was in south gate. she said wheres south gate i said its between huntington park and lynwood

    she said what are you doing there?

    i said, this super cool family in redondo beach knows this great mexican restaurant out there so they ubered me to take em

    and it really does look great.

    she said, you know what would look great: sushi in my belly.

    and somehow i stopped working and sped down the 105 west and was mildly disappointed when i didnt see my man peter there

    peter knows whats good whats super fresh whats rare and whats entirely fictional

    then he puts it on the table and then it gets shoved down my face.

    but without him i was voted the person who should order and i did pretty good on most things

    mystery thing

    and not good at all on other things: example a: the mythical mystery conch

    resting on a bed of columbian cocaine, this legendary delight has sauces and textures that will make your dreams turn to 3D

    just make sure not to eat the cocaine, it’s decoration, and super expensive, and terribly addicting

    and they kill you if you even look at it too long

    crazy fish

    next was this mackerel who talks to you as you eat it.

    try the tail first, he says

    now the sushi part, be generous with the sauce

    it was creepy and annoying but in a way it was his last meal too

    bones and all

    afterwards they deep fry the bones and you eat them like potato chips.

    good times were had by all and we decided we need to call ahead next time to make sure peters there

    because even though i did pretty good with the salmon albacore lobster rolls and blue fin hand rolls

    the talking fish with dirty jokes was not really what i was expecting.

    so if you order it, eat it first.