1. Saturday, May 24, 2014

    last night i drove an 80+ yr old movie star home from partying 

    ginaThis is Gina. She’s been an actress for a long time.

    I picked her up in West Hollywood where one of her agents had been hanging out with her.

    He hailed the Uber for her, me. When she got in I asked if there was any particular music she wanted to hear.

    She said, “88.1” which is the jazz station.

    On came Stan Getz and we were off.

    I asked her if there was any movies I may have seen her in. She said many.

    “I was in the first Hangover movie. At the end, the heavy set guy is in the elevator and I go down on him.”

    hangover bj

    She did? I hadn’t remembered that.

    But today after a smidge of research i found these stills from the end credits.

    I asked “so when you saw that in the script you were ok with it?”

    She said “no the director Todd Philips just told me what he wanted me to do. I said ‘I’ll do it for $200 extra’ and he said fine.”

    Then she added, “we’re friends now on Facebook”.

    hangover blow job

    Here’s what Zach (the heavy set guy, I suppose) had to say about it a few years back.

    Reporter: Can you talk about the montage of pictures at the end of this film? The blowjob. Apparently the MPAA didn’t watch the closing credits.

    Bradley Cooper: Is that against the rules? Really? It’s a dildo though.

    Zach Galifianakis: But that woman was seventy seven years old. I think there’s an age where it becomes non-sexual.

    Reporter: Was that a prosthetic?

    hangover bj

    Zach Galifianakis: I don’t remember. I have to look at again to see what the size was. We were just talking about it. It didn’t match my skin color. It looks like a piece of taffy. I would never. To be honest I didn’t want to do the photo. It’s uncomfortable.

    Vulture couldnt believe it when they saw it. I feel weird I didn’t even remember it.