lets say the xbi had a young lady waiting for me when i got home


and lets say i didnt want any xbi young lady inside my crib after a long day of work and uber

and lets say she was hands down the hottest xbi lady ive ever seen

and she was wearing a short skirt a beret and a tshirt that said busblog.

so lets say somehow she made her way into my mcmansion and she looked around for a while

while i analyzed my fantasy baseball teams.

lets say in the morning the once-giddy woman was now suddenly seemingly ticked off.

you dont get to be ticked off, i reminded her.

she bounded up a led me into the bathroom.

what is THIS, bald man, doing in your bathroom, she said sharply pointing at a long strand

of brunette hair.

i was all, i never want to see you in that shirt again.

she took it off obediantly

and i whispered

my maid was just here

and i kicked her out.

and threw a sweatshirt at her through the window.

one with a tracking chip in the label

of course,