1. Sunday, May 25, 2014

    this guy had lost has phone and instead of just walking around to look for it 


    he called an uber to drive him about a mile to his daughters school and then a half mile to the park

    and then a few blocks to the 7-11 and then a mile back to his crib.

    the ride earned the driver about ten bucks but it took nearly an hour.

    ten bucks an hour isnt the reason people like to drive ubers.

    the reason people like to drive ubers is while the daughter was in the back seat she said something about Frozen

    so the driver said, would you like to hear Let it Go?

    she was probably 6 years old. adorable. black girl with a pink tshirt with the peace symbol on it.

    the music started and she started singing every single word.

    louder and louder as the chorus kicked in.

    even her dad started humming along to the hit.


    the xbi doc says i eat too many tacos.

    i says he talks too much.

    yesterday was slow. who knows why. i was distracted. my spidey zen senses werent in tune.

    was it the disturbance in the force regarding what was happening in 93117?

    who knows. im too sensitive a poet. so i found myself parked behind tacos arizas and those puppys aint gonna eat themselves.

    although their C rating says you shouldnt bet against it.

    and of course as soon as i do my beeper goes off and i drove up to the residence and it was classy

    so i threw a perfectly good taco into the trash can.

    some religions send you to hell for that.


    guy turned out was a master beer maker. successful. bearded. soft spoken. bi costal.

    he said the people of miami love the heat but they cant afford to go to the games

    yet the people who go to the games arent all that crazy about hoops.

    he said he likes the food better in LA.

    i was all, is it true that the women wear as close to nothing as possible, but in a stylish manner?

    he said, yes, they enjoy being seen.

    well that makes one of us.

    i do everything i can to blend in.

    i guess i can do that when im dead.

    we shared a mutual affection towards The Clash

    and we both agreed how genius the heinekin promotion was at coachella

    where if you brought heinis to the show they would keep them cold for you in their “house”


    after i dropped him off i saw this annoying parade of kids in duck hats and dogs and leashes.

    annoying because it was so slow and a pretty wide thoroughfare.

    i think people think its ok for cute things to break laws and be unsafe.

    the light turned green right after i clicked this picture and five seconds of my day was

    wasted at that intersection.

    i considered writing a letter to my congressperson.

    but hell if i know her/his name


    about once a week a transgendered or crossed dressed person is my passenger in my ubermobile

    usually it’s female names.

    the last few have been very tall skinny half naked people and

    it seemed like they wanted to talk but they didnt really wanna talk

    one passenger however did tell me they were just in a dungeon

    doing a photo shoot

    so when you drive around LA just think

    there are dungeons

    and photo shoots

    of all sorts happening.


    i am probably the only person who sees little art or value in this and yet people love it so much they cant contain their love

    if there is a small town or metropolis who wants to draw a literal moth-to-light constant stream of people

    all you need to do is hook up 100 street lights in a simple pattern

    and turn them on at night.

    they will love it so much they’ll even come in the day time.


    tried the new grilled talipia meal at yoshinoya as i was getting my car detailed across the street.

    it was definitely ¡m m!

    grilled fish, good portions, over rice, with a side of the crappiest salad you could imagine = $6

    the lemon garlic butter sauce turned the good into great


    likewise one psycho with messed up priorities

    and access to guns and hundreds of bullets.

    can turn great into sad.

    my man sean wallace reminds us what the sean white band taught us on their

    i.v. e.p. n.a. on l.p. or c.d.