you might remember i ran into Deryk from Sun-41 at the tom petty show


when was that, last june? wow, time flies.

anyway he looked terrible and i think i said so.


actually i probably didnt say so because one of the things about LA is you dont say things like that

why? well i probably looked pretty terrible

and i wasnt standing next to a tall skinny model who was wearing AA pants

and super tall shoes.

but also, if someone has hit the bottom you dont blawwwwg about it

unless your name is Perez and youre bound for hell.

i was at the bar a lot that night but bro was stationed there.

maybe he was happy just listening to Petty play the small club.

maybe he was happy standing next to his girl and singing a long

and drinking.

to be honest i thought about that a lot that night: why isnt bro watching?

why is he just drinking?

well now we know.