many of the best journalists in LA were in the house last night


we honored many including maria shriver, former mayor bloomberg, and ann curry (pictured)

they all gave such positive and inspirational speeches without being cheesy.

awards were given out and kcrw and the la weekly seemed to have won the most.

stephanie o’neill of kpcc won 4 awards, more than anyone else.


your boy welch and several of his reason peeps won awards

welch’s was on something about jackie robinson which now ive gotta read.

when bob scheer won for best website (truthdig) i told him that i went to school with his son chris

he said, were you on the daily nexus?

which surprised me that he could recall our school paper that quickly

i said, hell yeah. he said, so with matt welch?

so famous, that welch.


only through many hours of doing research about the academy do i now know that this room

the crystal ballroom

is where the very first academy awards were held.

it covered two years because it was so new.


when i told that to former LA mayor richard riordan

he said, why dont you ever put that sort of useful information in the busblog

you always write such worthless garbage.

i said, shhhhhh its all just xbi code.

and at this moment when the picture is being snapped hes saying Balderdash


food was good, duh


the LA press club is secretly run by the west coast swedish mafia who for some reason love great journalism.

on the left is rebecka, on the right is diana. diana is the most delightful whirlwind and secret weapon of the club.

she makes great things happen. and they always end up beautiful.

we are very very lucky to have diana involved in the club. 


i got to see old kpcc friends, old LA Times friends, and some Nexus and digital LA peeps

maria shriver probably had the best story, for me at least.

she said when she was a girl flying in the plane as her dad was running for vice president,

she noticed that all of the people in the front of the plane, like her, the politicians

were sad and nervous and quiet and anxious.

and the people in the back of the plane, the journalists, were happy and partying

and pretty much running the whole operation.

she said thats when she decided she wanted to be in the back of the plane

with the people who could actually effect change on the planet.

amen to that.

do the right thing looks just as great today as 25 years ago

do the right thing

just as vibrant, just as shocking, even funnier, and if anything: more def defying.

spike not only wrote a great story, but somehow the barbs and disses just

slide out of the actors mouths

so naturally.

the audience, a tenth of which admitted they had never seen the film before, howled during the comedy and applauded throughout the special screening.

when i was young this movie meant everything. back then in the back page of Jet they would show all the names of all the people who were on tv or in the movies that week. it was a small magazine and that page rarely filled up.

and here was spike with a major movie? about race? dropping the same summer day as Batman with Jack Nicholson?

tony pierce and chuck d at the do the right thing 25th anniversary screeningdefiant.

today i learned spike has public enemy’s “fight the power” in the film eight times. who does that?

it was filmed on one city block in bed-stuy on a $6.5 million budget.

tonight we screened it at LACMA and i stood in the back of the red carpet reception was and Spike walked in and just stared at me as i got closer.

photogs snapped away and he just stood there and stared. finally he says The Cubs? Oh Man. Da Cubs?

i shrugged and smiled.

one reason i wore the cap was because he always represents his teams no matter how old he gets, so i should too.

then he smiled and said Nine Teen Oh EIGHT!

click click click

amazed, i retreated back to the back of the room. i was there to take a few pics and tweet a few times.

so there i was in the back, chatting with the social media woman from LACMA when i see Chuck D walk into the room. he talked with a few people and then turns around and i say, hi Chuck. and instead of just waving and cruising over to the red carpet, he comes over shakes my hand and starts talking with me.

i say hey im here with the academy, can i take a picture of you for our instagram?

and he says only if it’s us together.

elvis was a hero to most, but they never met chuck d.

everyone adjourns to the packed Bing Theater and jon singleton (boyz in the hood, poetic justic, 2 fast 2 furious) moderates the panel of the casting director, the studio head, spike, roger guenveur smith (smiley), the younger brother at the pizza shop, and chuck. its only supposed to go a half hour, it nearly goes an hour.

its insightful, fascinating, funny, and real. the crowd is laughing, everything was perfect.

then the movie is about to start and spike says first he wants to show us something special, and its a video from the white house from the president and the first lady congratulating spike on the anniversary of the film. and they say their first date involved seeing the film. and then the president thanks him for being part of what helped him woo michelle.

the film was non stop great lines, foreshadowing, and build up.

but the whole time i was nervous that the last tweet i had out there might have had a typo or something. i was paranoid. but i was right in the middle of row in the middle of the house, of all people I cant be diddling around on my phone.

so i said a little prayer like yo can you guys please make sure that tweet was ok, my hands are tied right now.

and i tried to enjoy the movie and not worry, and i pretty much succeeded.

i watched to see if you could tell it was all filmed in one block but ernest dickerson is a genius too. damn.

on the way home bought a jack in the box munchie meal: breaded chicken nuggets with melted cheese drizzled over them, curly and regular fries, two tacos and a coke for $6.

and couldnt believe chuck d (who was wearing an all black detriot cap) was so nice to me

they had decided to put the xbi headquarters in santa barbara

me and hilary

no one knew why. probably the weather. probably the parking. probably the airport.

sure there were some smart kids there but werent there smart kids everywhere?

the difference was we were down for whatever. at all times.

except early in the morning.

we would drink anything. smoke anything. eat anything. and because of that everyone kissed us.

one night all the pretty girls in town rounded up all of the junior xbi trainees

and under the light show of stars, as the waves hit the beach

they tried to steal all of our secrets by kissing them out of us.

the technique worked most of the time but that night was different.

that night was magic.

and many many more nights after that.

a few mornings were magic but only accidentally.

one morning a helicopter landed at the lagoon. we were asleep. but we woke up fast

with all the sand blowing around us and the noise and all.

i stood up and before i knew it i was in it. and flying it.

this is chopper one, the pilot said. and then he jumped out.

and that, saints, was my first day in the xbi.

and how i learned to fly.

wrigley the stray cat has decided he likes my apartment


totally cruised in tonight and walked around then made himself comfortable on the guest chair


wasnt completely satisfied with the kibble i got him and demanded grilled cheese pronto.


earlier in the night amber joined me at doomies where we split this giant vegan big mac and fries


i shouldnta been hungry because my work threw a super nice bbq picnic for us at lunch time

it included all these great selections of pop which they then scooped ice cream into, because Floats!


this was my plate. theres a turkey burger in there somewhere. and sausage. and bacon. and brie.


after eating we took pictures that turned into instant flip books


sadly my agent wont let me make books that she doesnt get 15% off. so i had to sit it out.


totally joined a clique on the way back to the office. #nbd

five years ago michael jackson died

michael jacksoni was in the newsroom of the LA Times

for a moment the buzz on twitter was do not click on any link about Michael Jackson because its a virus.

people were saying that because everyones websites were going down

because the buzz everywhere was that he was dead.

even our website went down for a painfully long 53 seconds or so.

when we looked up on the tv we saw that CNN had a scroll that said unconfirmed reports were that Jackson had died at UCLA hospital but the LA Times had yet to confirm.

at the time CNN was owned by the same company that owned TMZ and TMZ decided to go out on a limb and say without any evidence or names on the record that he was dead.

so instead of CNN saying TMZ had confirmed, they did the right thing and said we Hadnt confirmed.

thus everyone went to our site and kept hitting refresh.

no one wanted him to be dead.

some of our reporters had recently been to his rehearsals or talked to people about his upcoming tour.

no one wanted him to be dead.

then of course the reporter at the hospital called into the metro desk.

and all of this, by the way was a huge buzz and then very quiet.

not quiet because we were all sad but quiet because thats how the paper was when it was running on all cylinders: it was smooth and professional and in overdrive.

and geoff boucher wrote a fantastic obit in a very short period of time with the help of elaine woo.

and harriet ryan and andrew blankstein and richard winton wrote their stories.

and chris lee.

and it was a very numbing afternoon into night.



and then over.