something weird happened yesterday


every single ride was amazing

most were long.

and i hit my goal before midnight,

inspite of the fact that i took a nap right after dinner time.

i met a tour manager, photographer, and drummer of a band

two separate rides of young ladies who recently moved here from new york

and a beautiful woman who softly spoke hebrew to her man in a way ive never heard before in any language


i even picked up your girl breesays and we ate in n out and talked about all the things a man should have in his bedroom

(adjustable lighting, a variety of blankets, multiple pillows, and some other things)

since the nsa is probably listening in on my rides through my bluetooth im sure they enjoyed the conversation

i had with a male nurse from the Philippines as we swapped stories about our mutual bouts with kidney stones

and i hope they were paying attention when he said he discovered the miracle drug that he discovered in manila

involving a local plant that grows in a swamp which when turned into a tea

will ease the stress on the kidney so it, and the victims body, can rest enough

so that the stone will pass in hours, not days.

i hit my goal by midnight, went to midnight tacos, where business was so brisk

the security guard was working the tortilla stove.

and then watched the rock n roll hall of fame induction

all night.