the world famous busblog had its 10,000th post the other day

cat on a box

so the stray cats chipped in to buy me a gift.

and surprise surprise it was 15 pounds of kibble.

such smart asses.

but seriously, thanks for all the support you’ve all given me over all of these years.

it has been a blessing to have stumbled into blogging way back in august of 2001.

many of the good times that i have had since then have occurred either directly or indirectly because of this blog.

and for all of that i am extremely grateful.

life is a giant curveball. you have to trust that it’s not going to knock you on your butt.

instead, hang in there and swing hard when you get your chance.

lets see if we can hit 10k new posts in a quicker time.

and this time, lets see if they can be even better quality

with even more magic.