today is michele’s birthday, shes 24

she had the hottest stockings on.

shoes with things scribbled on them.

crazy hair and glasses and pale skin and the bluest eyes.

native californian, malibu, incredible family, everything.

but all i saw were those ripped fishnets and i was all mama mia

i didnt know anyone. i worked at mcdonalds. i was seventeen.

how was i gonna talk to her. everything said go away. except her fantastic red lipstick.

we were sitting in the outdoor amphitheater at santa monica college.

once a week a band played at noon.

id only had one girlfriend before in my whole life and at that point even that seemed like a crazy dream.

no way did i ever think she’d turn into my second girlfriend. especially over three years.

pretty sure i had an iron maiden shirt on.

pretty sure i wouldnt have cared about poetry without her

or lots of things.

shes an author now. published.

i got one of her books

off amazon.