today is my truests birthday, shes 24

i once dated a girl who got very jealous that i called chris my truest.

i said jealousy will not get me to call you that so shut it.

she said but do you love her?

i said, of course. i love all of my exgirlfriends.

and one day i will probably still love you.

she said well if thats the case then what good is your love if you just run around loving everyone.

i said running around loving everyone is what the truest does the best. she has done it in santa barbara in frisco in oregon in hawaii in san dieger in africa

and now in new mexico.

she is almost finished with getting her masters in loving the world from the university of new mexico state

and she will probably go travel the world and heal all the broken hearts of the planet

and lord knows they need healing.

we met in the island of vista on a spring night during a raging party.

i was with jeanine at the time and now they are very close friends.

we did so many things together over all of the years and im extremely grateful for all of them.

i hope she is doing well in the new part of mexico.

i hope she knows how important she is to me and to the world.

and i hope the whole chorus of angels who sings her name every time the wind breezes also whispers it in her ears from time to time.

for there is only one truest and she is magical and wonderful.

and today we celebrate the day she ascended down from heaven.