i was having a really good day until it all fell apart

vehicle in usewent to work went to the dentist went to the car dealer went to the courthouse

ended up downtown about an hour before the kings game was to start.

huge mistake.

it was hot and crowded and cops were everywhere (as if) and someone beeped me and as i zig zagged through traffic and through narrow alleyways

with mysterious puddles

mysterious because we havent had rain out here since santa came

and before i got there they canceled on me.

i try to be zen when passengers cancel on me. i tell myself they werent gonna be fun.

eventually got a beep at the biltmore. saw it was a guy with a suitcase. thought to myself, thank jah, an airport ride.

but it was friday the 13th. and a full moon was rising. so he was only going to eagle rock.

fine with me. anything to get out of downtown.

we have a great convo. he is the ceo of a small video game company. we really hit it off.

drop him off at this restaurant where his sister is waiting. turned out that joint stopped serving but she says theres a better place a half mile away.

he says can you take us? i say yeah, and its on the house. who cares. cuz really.

get them there they say bye. i drive away and get on the 2 and he calls me. he totally forgot to retrieve his suitcase from my trunk.

i say oh my bad i should have reminded you. he says no problem i will pay you something when you return if you wouldnt mind returning.

i say i’ll be right back, you dont have to pay me anything.

its actually nice that he believes in throwing money at problems. im the same way. what else is it for?

he says actually if you want to just keep it and come back in 90 minutes, you can take me to the airport and i’ll pay you that way.

since i was on my way home to take an afternoon shower and put on some afternoon shorts i say that sounds like a deal.

shit showered and shaved and headed back to eagle rock refreshed.

seriously what job can you just go home for a little while and shower and get back to it? porn? palm reading? maybe supreme court justicing.

at exactly the agreed upon time i was in front of the restaurant and he got in.

and my uber phone wouldnt work. i rebooted it, nothing. i wrote an email to uber, nothing. i posted about it on the uber facebook group, nada.

finally the guy says if you take me to an ATM i’ll just pay cash. i said good thing nothing in here is true. he said, i insist. i said the customer is always right.

and we had a great ride there too. no traffic. beautiful views. lively, intelligent conversation.

after i dropped him off the phone still didnt work. didnt work in marina del rey or venice, so since the kings game was about to go into OT, i sped home and was a little sad because Friday and Saturday nights are so fun.

but my arms were getting sore from driving, as were my hands. and just like a baseball pitcher, you should rest your moneymaker when you can.

tomorrow, oil change, movie, and hopefully i can get back on the road.

otherwise i might have to do laundry.

they give us half days on fridays in the summer

robotso i try to make the most of it.

i imagined that i would watch an afternoon matinee after work

but it’s so nice outside it’s hard to want to be inside.

i tried Ubering in hopes that id get a lot of people who want to go to the airport

but instead i ended up frustrated in getaway traffic and i realized why i love driving at night so much more.

so today im going to do errands and if im really lucky laundry.

heres a laundry list of things i have planned to do today after 1pm:

i donated some money to the dentist so that poor kids can get dental treatment, in return they are giving me some teeth whitening treatments

my car has reached 10,000 miles so i need to jet over to glendale to get an oil change.

on cinco de mayo i was drunk and jaywalked at the corner of sunset and alvarado, so i need to pay off that $200 ticket in DTLA

then i need to make back that money by ubering till 3am.

should be a busy day. not sure how laundry fits into that.

i suppose it all depends on how long the city makes me wait to pay them.

either way it’s friday the 13th, and a full moon, so im sure everything will go smoothly.