dear tony, which of your two jobs do you like the best?

do-the-right-thing-spike-leefirst of all i dont have two jobs.

i have one job that i love a lot and im so honored to have and then i have a fun little thing where i drive people around every now and then.

the problem with real jobs is you usually cant (or shouldn’t) blog about them too much. real jobs are real jobs and should be respected and honored and written about after you have retired.

fun little driving excursions should be treated like the fun little weird things that they are.

even if uber paid as much as my real job did, i dont think i would do it full time. for starters it’s just not healthy to be driving for eight hours a day. at least not for me. my legs get all rubbery, my wrists get sore, i eat horribly.

also theres no future in driving. you learn about the city a little, you meet cool people, but in 15 years of driving where are you: still driving. then what?

yes, on this blog the uber thing looks like fun and games, and it is in many ways, but im very happy to have a real job where i also learn every day and am surrounded by really smart people.

i just dont write about it very much because one of the rules of blogging is dont write about your real work.

but i will bend that rule today

for you.

because i heart you.

Friday we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing and i couldnt be happier. that’s one of my favorite movies ever, i think about it all the time, and i can’t wait to hear what spike and some special guests have to say about it friday night at our screening.

i get to take some instagrams of it, do some tweeting, and maybe shoot a little web video of it. so stay tuned as that will be on our insta: