wrigley the stray cat has decided he likes my apartment


totally cruised in tonight and walked around then made himself comfortable on the guest chair


wasnt completely satisfied with the kibble i got him and demanded grilled cheese pronto.


earlier in the night amber joined me at doomies where we split this giant vegan big mac and fries


i shouldnta been hungry because my work threw a super nice bbq picnic for us at lunch time

it included all these great selections of pop which they then scooped ice cream into, because Floats!


this was my plate. theres a turkey burger in there somewhere. and sausage. and bacon. and brie.


after eating we took pictures that turned into instant flip books


sadly my agent wont let me make books that she doesnt get 15% off. so i had to sit it out.


totally joined a clique on the way back to the office. #nbd