many of the best journalists in LA were in the house last night


we honored many including maria shriver, former mayor bloomberg, and ann curry (pictured)

they all gave such positive and inspirational speeches without being cheesy.

awards were given out and kcrw and the la weekly seemed to have won the most.

stephanie o’neill of kpcc won 4 awards, more than anyone else.


your boy welch and several of his reason peeps won awards

welch’s was on something about jackie robinson which now ive gotta read.

when bob scheer won for best website (truthdig) i told him that i went to school with his son chris

he said, were you on the daily nexus?

which surprised me that he could recall our school paper that quickly

i said, hell yeah. he said, so with matt welch?

so famous, that welch.


only through many hours of doing research about the academy do i now know that this room

the crystal ballroom

is where the very first academy awards were held.

it covered two years because it was so new.


when i told that to former LA mayor richard riordan

he said, why dont you ever put that sort of useful information in the busblog

you always write such worthless garbage.

i said, shhhhhh its all just xbi code.

and at this moment when the picture is being snapped hes saying Balderdash


food was good, duh


the LA press club is secretly run by the west coast swedish mafia who for some reason love great journalism.

on the left is rebecka, on the right is diana. diana is the most delightful whirlwind and secret weapon of the club.

she makes great things happen. and they always end up beautiful.

we are very very lucky to have diana involved in the club. 


i got to see old kpcc friends, old LA Times friends, and some Nexus and digital LA peeps

maria shriver probably had the best story, for me at least.

she said when she was a girl flying in the plane as her dad was running for vice president,

she noticed that all of the people in the front of the plane, like her, the politicians

were sad and nervous and quiet and anxious.

and the people in the back of the plane, the journalists, were happy and partying

and pretty much running the whole operation.

she said thats when she decided she wanted to be in the back of the plane

with the people who could actually effect change on the planet.

amen to that.