1. Monday, June 16, 2014

    got a hundred dollar check in the mail and i wanna buy sushi 


    today was a pretty fun day, the boss made us have a meeting at a restaurant

    where the world cup was playing because he knew some of us would be distracted


    the meeting wasnt till 3pm so i went to the food trucks for fish and saw these funny signs


    kurt cobain called me on my cell he was all, tony when are you gonna write another novella about me

    i said all you had to do was ask buddy


    then he told me to go to the Replacements instagram and i saw that theyre playing in NYC

    and i was all man o man i really should go see that show IN A TENNIS COURT


    learned that churro ice cream sandwiches are a new thing in LA but only in Los Feliz



    learned that Tony Gwynn died at 54 years old this morning. only Padre i cared about.

    sweetest guy. best black MLB hitter since maybe ever. unless you count Barry Bonds

    but why would you count him? didn’t Gwynn get fat and bulky as he got older too?

    anyways as i looked up Gwynns crazy numbers in the record books i saw that he only had 3,100 hits

    about 1,000 less than Pete Rose, my hero.

    Gwynn played 20 years. hit .306 or higher in all of them except his pre-rookie season

    to have caught up to Rose he woulda had to have gotten 50 extra hits every season

    for 20 years.

    what a testament to Charlie Hustle


    they ordered onion rings and all this fried stuff as we watched soccer and drank beers but i didnt eat nothing

    secretly i was sad that of all things Tony Gwynn died because of cancer from chewing tobacco


    people croak from the craziest things


    i’ll probably croak from kissing the wrong girl all night and having my heart assplode