it’s always worth it, even if it sucks


I still can’t believe she used me so ruthlessly. So dishonestly. So halfassedly.

Why steal from someone who’s giving you everything you ask for and bonuses? Why kill the golden goose for his beak? Why steal the cage bird’s cage?

I was so trusting if she had said let’s make a lil xbi agent named Lil. or LOL. or Lil LOL, I woulda said fine.

Y not. The worlds ending anyways. The beginning of the end is almost over. Even the black president isn’t the answer. Which is a little shocking.

We live in a world where a fricken lime costs the same a candy bar.

Yes let me bring infants into this fixed game.

And then leave me and make me pay child support for decades.

Instead she stole. Small things. Dreams. Hopes. PTO days. Who does that?

It’d be like robbers saying we’re here for the boxed wine.

She used to feed me bananas and then chocolate sauce and then mini marshmallows and then love.

She coulda just said maybe we should just buy a few acres in Baja and freaking grow some damn limes. Can’t be that hard.

But no.

And I’m mad but that’s like being pissed the truck missed hitting you.