why lebron should become a clipper

tumblr_m9swpcsdh01qb5wbbo1_500Lebron James has a problem. he is the best basketball player in the world but everyone hates him.

he doesnt wanna be hated. no one does. he may pretend it doesnt bother him but hes human. it kills him.

which is why when his contract is over he will become a Clipper.

almost anywhere he could go he would be hated except for the team with the weird recent history

and two loveable stars.

paul allen would easily be able to give him whatever he wanted, salary wise

and he also might be able to pull some strings if the small forward wants microsoft to change the name of Internet Explorer to The King James Browser.

Bron’s biggest mistake during the last Decision was in picking the favorite instead of the underdog.

OKC doesnt have what it takes, San Antonio’s old, and the Lakers have a long way to go,

the Clippers will always remember its first ring because of LeBron James

and Compton will love him because in an unexpected stroke of genius he decided to buy a few homes in the South Central city.

and work in the tattoo shop on the corner in the summer.