maybe im a weirdo, but i like weirdos

dov charney

i like leaders who know what theyre doing, who have a vision, who work every day, who make things in america.

is he creepy and a human resource (and legal) department nightmare? of course!

but he’s being himself. isnt that what we teach kids to be? isnt that what americas supposed to be?

dont we tell ppl, come from your heart, figure out your passion and run with it?

but theres two other very important things about being an american businessman:

dont break the law and dont lose any money.

american apparel seems to saying that because the company is losing money

that now they will show him the door because of legal issues.

its that whole complicated dance we have with Alphas

we love how crazy and demanding and insane they are

i find it hard to believe that whoever replaces dov will continue to manufacture clothes in LA

nor will continue to provide edgy fashions that push the envelope

nor will they aggressively push for immigrant rights or even gay rights.

and Lord knows they won’t have their phone number out there on the internet for all to see

and omg call.

and listen as he omg answers.

we had an intern at the LA Times who was more of an exchange journalist.

he worked for a German newspaper and he was allowed to chill at the LAT to learn what we were up to.

one day he asked me who the most interesting businessperson was in LA and i said Dov.

he then asked me if i knew how to get to Dov’s PR people. i said f that, just call him.

he said, great can i have his number. i said Google it.

because Dov has no problem with the foreign press, bro got his interview in a few days

and boom it was in that German paper a few days after that.

something tells me that the next CEO won’t be anything like that.