mayor garcetti rides the coattails of the kings to stay in the headlines

first he dropped the f-bomb at the staples center rally – to thunderous cheers and applause

then he dissed new york hot dogs while eating a pinks dog out of an LA Kings lunch box.

is he stiff, awkward, calculated, and seemingly trying to hard to be cool: yes.

are we, including my favorite local newspaper, ridiculously uptight with four letter words?

oh hell yes.

did he win the day in an unusual way that nobody would have predicted?

fuck yeah.

being the mayor of LA is a tough trick because in most cities the mayor is the celebrity

the cool dad.

we are a city with way too many celebrities and far more cool than we can deal with.

garcetti with the gang sign

we don’t really need the mayor to do much more than:

1. build a subway to the sea

2. fix the potholes and sidewalks

3. ensure that the cops dont beat up the public

4. bring back the film jobs that keep going to canada and new mexico and the carolinas

5. make sure we keep getting water from no cal.

if Mayor G can do those things he can pretty much write his own ticket to sacramento

or even washington.

in the meantime now that he has had his fun, he might want to broker a deal that would bring

the dodgers back to the television screens of this fair city

and then he would have earned his place in the headlines.

until then, work on that little list bro.

those are the real BFDs