of course this jinxes everything, but

tom morello and ernie banksi will never wear anything under a baseball jersey except a heavy metal concert tee.

i will never trade arms for hostages.

i will never give any solicitor money while im dining out at a restaurant.

i will never read 95% of the books in my house.

i will never eat 50% of the food in my freezer.

i will never donate my amazing tshirt collection to the poor even though i love giving things to the poor.

i will never spend more than $20 on shorts, $25 on a shirt, or $30 on pants even though i would wear them forever.

i will never trust one two three four five people ever again.

i will never go to a Cris Angel show again

i will never jaywalk across sunset again on cinco de mayo.

i will never believe that music without guitars can hold a candle to music with guitars.

with that said, i will never stop being amazed by art tatum, the hendrix of jazz piano.

i will never again ask a woman working at a fast food restaurant how many months along is she.

i will never buy a washer dryer for this apartment but i still look at the ads in the paper all the time.

i will never own a gun.

i will never go mountain climbing.

i will never stop drinking coca cola no matter how many kidney stones it creates.

i will never take down my bedroom Christmas lights.

i will never stop writing on the world famous busblog.