people should pretty much always say yes to me no matter what


i really dont know why they dont.

but the more i learn about phil jackson and stanley kubrick and alfred hitchcock and orson welles

the more i realize that in every ones life there are people who say oh hell no

no matter how many miracles youve shown them or good times youve had.

thats one reason i said yes to the pretty girls yesterday when i was 30 seconds away from watching the game of thrones finale.

to eat chicken.

if more people just said yes to fun things the world would be funner.

ironically here are the people that no one ever said no to:

dick cheney


the bank of america

the NRA

and the people who allocate more money to military and jails than to schools and health care.

so maybe once everyone finally does start saying yes to everything i propose,

i should start getting nervous.