picked up a guy in venice we drove to beverly hills

a million ways to die

we agreed on a lot of things:

that GPS systems are miracles
that WiFi is a miracle
that the government spying on us is bullshit
that its surprising that both parties spy on us no problem
that no more of these giant companies should be allowed to merge
that Uber is amazing

dropped him off at this nice restaurant
and as he was leaving he said
hey she might want to leave right away, can you stick around for a minute?
i said yes because you should always say yes
and i watched him go inside, greet a cocktail table of three women
and sit down.
so since i was in the valet spot i took off because he looked busy.
a minute later he beeps me.
so i turn around, drive back, and pick him up with she.
and what a she.

really pretty but in a natural way. happy. not drunk.
sitting in the middle of the back seat as close to him as she can
she figures out stuff on her phone, theres texting, talking
stories are exchanged and she says to him
can you set your alarm to 5am.
he does it. and she says, now listen im going to take an ambien
as soon as i get my apartment
so you have about 15 minutes to make a move or
or it’s your fault, not mine.

they laughed and kissed and she said no really
as soon as i get in there.