1. Saturday, June 21, 2014

    picked up these guys yesterday afternoon. theyre flying to turkey 


    theyre musicians at the musician institute


    LAX was beautiful on a Friday afternoon. super crowded though, but pretty.


    ran into an xbi stewardess and offered her a free ride to downtown so we could catch up


    realized an hour later that she had poisoned me and remembered im an idiot


    took a shower and went to an old school barber to have my beard shaved off


    realized how beautiful the koreatown square is becoming


    remembered i need to get a better phone tomorrow because this iphone camera is just the pits


    i mean look at all of this, and yet it looks like turds


    this man chillin at the park deserves better


    somehow ended up in Burbank where these teens had me drive to a liquor store (!?!) so they could get some Budweisers

    maybe kids just look young to me because im a gazillion years old


    picked up these nice ladies who were having a bachelorette party. the bride to be is from chicago

    her gay friend called it The Paris of the Midwest and asked me if i thought it would catch on

    i said, in Chicago? unlikely.


    then at 2am, super close to my house i picked up these two, also from Turkey going to LAX

    and i said, wow, youre the second turks i am taking there today, the other two were musicians

    they screamed

    i said, no not famous ones, theyre going to Musicians Institute

    they screamed louder

    THATS MY BOYFRIEND! the young lady said

    and then we listened to hip hop all the way from los feliz to LAX

    the world is tiny, even if youre driving