saw Maleficent while i got my 10,000 mile check up

Angelina Jolie

the xbi mobile has been a good car so far.

but like angelina jolie told me in 1994:

cars are like hot bodies: keep good care of it – never take it for granted.

so at 10,000 miles it was time for its first oil change, inspection, and tire rotation.

something that would take a few hours the dealer told me.

fine, i’ll see a movie.

which one are you thinking about, he asked.

well that tom cruise movie starts in 20 minutes.

what else are you thinking about, he asked while shaking his head.

oh you didnt like it?

angelina jolie in venice

i download a lot of movies and watch them on my phone, he admitted to me.

they should have gotten an older guy to play that role

or someone like that dude who played Thor, he added.

no one ever says they shoulda gotten angelina jolie.

maybe they dont think angelina jolie would say yes.

shes busy with being a mom and making the world better and junk.

Angelina Jolie

but disney did ask her to be Maleficent a word i still cant spell or say.

at the box office i actually had to talk to someone instead of use the machine

and all sorts of gobbley goop came out until i said one for the angelina jolie.

for some reason i thought she was gonna be an evil witch

turned out she was a pissed off fairy.

angie in 1994

it was beautiful and she was perfect in every way.

the story was good, it was interesting, there were surprises

and even a lesson or two for all of us about prejudgements and appearances

and how if you’re just super cool to people either they wanna kill you

or be with you forever.

but its a pretty good chance they’re gonna try to steal your best dance move.

so keep rockin.