1. Wednesday, June 11, 2014

    sometimes people think they know the route better than i do 

    mercythose people are usually rich.

    they usually run around telling people what to do all day.

    they probably think that they got to their success because they were always in control.

    what they forget to realize is control is an illusion.

    they also do weird things like never tell me the address.

    but its my car and im just as much a prick as they are so i will ask once twice

    maybe even three times.

    then they say Soho House like its some mythical place like i wouldnt even know where it is.

    as if i dont know the side street that will get us there faster than san vicente to doheny

    as if i dont know where to stop.

    but the weirdest thing is while they are giving directions they get caught up in their text messaging

    and forget to tell me to make a turn.

    as if i care.

    actually i do care because, just like in life, there are so few bad rides

    that when they happen i just want them to end quickly

    so i can go on to the next one

    which will probably be beautiful and fun

    and if we’re both lucky, enlightened.