sometimes you have to go to the next door to your work movie theater

napoleon and pedroand get paid to live tweet one of your favorite films

but first you have to meet the actors

and take their picture.

then you have to sit in the back and try to write down the interesting tidbits and jokes

and shoot them out through your phone

and into the intertubes of life

and hope it reaches the right people in the right way

and maybe makes their day.

napoleon and pedro say hi.

ten years ago their movie came out and today the academy of motion pictures arts and sciences gave them love

and they gave it right back.

the director, the star, and snl’s bill hader spoke into mics during the movie and reeled off little comments about stuff

like it took 22 days to film

like the uncle was a vegan and yet he had to eat steak through the whole movie.

like it was so hot that the actress who ironically was playing the role of summer passed out

“but we gave her buttloads of gatorade”, the director said, and it revived her.

i had a super great time and i dont think i will ever miss another thing like this again.