the late night movie club


one of the things i like about ali is she doesnt like to miss out on anything.

its not like shes down for whatever but she is a native los angeleno

thus she knows the wide breadth and depth to all the unique things that can do down here

and she doesnt wanna hear about it in the morning at the water cooler

she wants to have lived it.

shes disappointed at me with my ubering because it means that i am not readily available

for whims and last minute happenings and i dont blame her.

a person should pride themselves on the amount of qualities they have

and flexibility and spontaneity are certainly admirable traits

flushed down the commode whenever one says at say 10pm sorry im in burbank

seeing if i can get lucky while idling in a del taco parking lot.

so i made a new goal of only ubering for a few hours after work

so that i could get home at a reasonable hour and watch a movie almost every night

so i could be better at my actual job.

sunday night i screened Bette Davis and Marilyn Monroe in All About Eve

why? because our audience loves old movies and it wouldnt suck if i knew a few more things about the classics.

the film was fine, there were some plot twists, and bette wasnt bad,

and there were some terrific lines for sure.

but whatever meh.

last night i wanted the polar opposite of that so i watched Irreversible

the 2002 french mystery tripout brutality flick that kept me awake all night

and ruined any plan to watch a movie tonight.

cuz holy smokes it was like eating spicy hot peppers and watering it down with jack daniles

except you chew and drink with your eyes and ears and

what the holy hell!