the three best things i saw at coachella

2014 is half over which makes me wanna look back and give thanks

to the killer things ive gotten to see so far.

one thing i didnt expect to be as fun as it was was coachella.

i thought it would be too hot, and that id get too tired and the music would blow

but no it was great and miss lana del rey was a desert oasis

she opened her set with the provocative Cola which spilled out into the front row


the replacements were the main reason i was there and Paul hurt his back

so they pulled out a couch for him to lay on

and life pulled out Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day to play with them

on pretty much every song. he even sang I’m In Trouble while Paul lounged.

typical unpredictable Replacements action for 75 minutes.

arcade fire played so long coachella shut their mics off

but that didnt stop them from being awesome

they did one little acoustic victory lap around so everyone knew what to sing

as they all went on their long journeys to their cars in the parking lot