the xbi gave me a quarterly bonus for their successful spring

new vans

i said thats fine but i dont work for the xbi, nor have i in quite a while.

but they insisted.

so after giving, what i thought was all of it to the Ronald McDonald House and the Sunset Free Clinic

my two favorite charities in Hollywood, it turned out that i still had some more left over.

so i bought concert tickets because even though the xbi are the most lovable of all the undercover superheroes

their money is dirty and tainted and so full of heebie jeebies that it gives me the shivers just thinking about.

Kiss & Def Leppard @ The Forum, 7/8

Mötley Crüe & Alice Cooper @ The Hollywood Bowl, 7/21

Elvis Costello & Ben Folds @ The Hollywood Bowl, 9/5

Lorde @ The Greek, 10/7

and still money was left over so I bought those black paisley Star Wars Vans off their website.