they give us half days on fridays in the summer

robotso i try to make the most of it.

i imagined that i would watch an afternoon matinee after work

but it’s so nice outside it’s hard to want to be inside.

i tried Ubering in hopes that id get a lot of people who want to go to the airport

but instead i ended up frustrated in getaway traffic and i realized why i love driving at night so much more.

so today im going to do errands and if im really lucky laundry.

heres a laundry list of things i have planned to do today after 1pm:

i donated some money to the dentist so that poor kids can get dental treatment, in return they are giving me some teeth whitening treatments

my car has reached 10,000 miles so i need to jet over to glendale to get an oil change.

on cinco de mayo i was drunk and jaywalked at the corner of sunset and alvarado, so i need to pay off that $200 ticket in DTLA

then i need to make back that money by ubering till 3am.

should be a busy day. not sure how laundry fits into that.

i suppose it all depends on how long the city makes me wait to pay them.

either way it’s friday the 13th, and a full moon, so im sure everything will go smoothly.