1. Wednesday, June 18, 2014

    today is roger ebert’s birthday, he woulda been 72 

    when Gene Siskel was alive, i didnt like Roger.

    even though their buildings were across the street from each other, many of us considered the Tribune the Cubs paper

    and the Sun-Times the White Sox paper

    Siskel wrote for the Trib so he was ok.

    the only person that i ever picked up the Sun-Times for was Mike Royko

    but at some point he switched sides and Trib was perfect.

    i was in Vegas one winter for one of the computer shows: either Comdex or CES, i dont recall

    and i saw Roger Ebert winding his way with purpose to the front door of the hotel

    so i walked with him and talked with him about Royko and Siskel and Chicago

    the last thing i wanted to talk with him about was movies but thats what he wanted to talk about

    so i told him i didnt think anyone ever made a movie as good as The Blues Brothers

    he said thats not true.

    and i said, and theyre not even trying.

    it brought a big smile to his face and when we got to the cabs i asked him if we could take a picture together

    and he said he’d be glad to.