when youre up in universal you never really know where anyone is

jessicaso after she beeped me i called her and said hi its uber, just verifying where you are are you at the sheraton

she was all yeah but in front of the silver ballroom

which was exactly where i was approaching.

i saw two young ladies with little skirts talking to each other. they had numbers on their shirts.

i looked them in the eye as i drove towards them as if to ESP them: i am your driver?

and then from behind them another young lady with a skirt and a number appears

walking with purpose. to me. and gets in.

she was dismayed.

it was an audition to be a character at the amusement park.

she would be covered from head to knee in a costume of a despicable me minion.

for some reason she didnt know that that was the case, and it didnt pay well

and she would not be able to let the world know how cute she is

thus her ascension to superstardom would be limited.

at this point i would normally dole out busbloggerly advice

but i just listened and tried not to talk.

i talk to much.

she was very sad and texted on her phone as i played the new digitally remastered Police box set

and then realizing she probably had no clue what we were listening to, i switched over to Ke$ha

i have an amazing Ke$ha playlist on rdio.

finally i said, go with your heart

some people would say youve gotta start somewhere

but read Steve Martin’s book, born standing, he started at Disneyland when it first opened

wasnt really feeling it and switched over to Knotts Berry Farms and took off.

trust your gut, live for the day, reach for the stars,

dont do drugs, stay in school

bless this mess

semper fi

and then bye