word is the power house is fixing to close at the end of the month

powerhouse back in the day

my fondest memory of the power house was many moons ago.

i hadnt seen the cuban girl in quite a while and i messaged her on myspace i think

and we agreed to meet at hollywood dingiest dirtiest dive bar on highland just north of hollywood blvd.

ever since i met her i thought she was so beautiful but the bible says thats a big fakeout

it says look at peoples hearts like jesus does.

she had a beautiful heart and for some reason she told me to eff off every time i said we should date again.

she reminded me that i was a loser and i didnt have a good job and my jokes were terrible

i said yes all of those things are true. but i never cheated on you. and we had fun.

and we saw strange and unusual things plus so many rock shows.

some of which were gross and horrible, she reminded me.

and she said no again.

and thats how we started dating again for a little while.

so yes i will be sad to see that armpit go

with its terrible booths where you can feel the springs.

the last time i was in there i saw a very short black man dressed exactly like mr t.