super nice to be back in the saddle last night


there was good news and bad news of my phone buggin out a week ago.

the good news was i was able to rest my weary bones, get some work done around the house, and socialize.

the bad news was i missed driving the good people of LA around this fair city.

so i was thrilled when i got my new phone in the mail yesterday and was able to take on my first ride

this dude who didnt speak any english from LACMA to santa monica where i saw this beautifully painted apartment.


wasnt at the beach long. new dude wanted me to take him to west LA then a british guy needed to go to the Sushi Cafe

he told me sushi is super expensive in the UK so he likes to get his fix when hes in the states.

he says Sushi Cafe (on beverly near the beverly center) isnt the place youd take a date but the fish is fresh

and its cheap cheap cheap.

i said youve never been on one of my dates, mate.

he tipped me $6 and said cheers.


one of my favorite places to pick people up is Park LaBrea because it’s in the center of town

which means you could go east west north and even sometimes south.

LA has these weird bubbles where people pretty much stay in their boring little comfort zone.

my mom says she only watches 2, 5, and 7 on her tv and ppl of LA live that way for some reason.

got a young lady who just wanted a short ride to get some food because she had been dancing for 14 hours.

i was all say what?

she said close! turns out she is a current contestant on So You Think You Can Dance.

her name is Carly Blaney and you should vote for her cuz shes from Jersey – are you from Jersey?


the night ended with Evan who is from Vancouver BC who was on his first Uber ride.

hes new to LA and had lots of questions like how do you become an Uber driver

i said you have to be super handsome and have a car capable of invisibility.

i asked, what sorta car do you have?

he said i aint got no car!

i said ok step one, get a car.

it was Canada Day so i took a picture of him.