the prisoners ending


she was all come over im scared.

i said im ubering tonights a huge night.

socksshe went but i hate the fireworks and my dog keeps barking and the gangs are on the street and im having a panic attack.

i was all its just little explosions in the sky, nothing bad happens.

she said maybe i didnt make myself clear: come. over. now.

i was having a great night. the rides were long, despite the traffic, all was good.

i had even eaten sushi for lunch where the waitresses were all

we never see you here in the daytime.

i said thats cuz i never come here in the daytime.

almost had too much food. salmon collar, rice, soup, mashed potatoes(!), broccoli.

one passenger even gave me concert tickets to the indio girls and joan baez.

i can come over on sunday.

she was all now. arent you in the xbi? isnt this what you people do? help people?

i laughed and told her im not in the xbi! thats all – why do you insist on believing the buttblog?

what do you want me to make.

i said, im full. seriously. so full.

she was all i’ll make brownies in those socks you like.

i said im watching my weight.

she said hurry up, i want to see the prisoner. we can watch the prisoners.

i nearly fell asleep. the brownies were good. and thats how i saw the prisoners.

all my passengers are beautiful, but thats not what matters

brunettewhat matters is whats in yr heart.

for some reason people sit in the back with their friends and they talk like im not listening.

and after a while you forget what they look like and you just keep driving to their spot and sometimes they say the most ridiculous stuff.

which is ok because theyre young thinking they grown but ha

but lets not give any pixels to the haters lets instead focus on april

picked up april in a spot id never been to before. truth be told most of west hollywood is a mystery to me, but im learning.

even though it’ll stink up the car i always end up eating something and then panicking as i get beeped.

drove to aprils address and noticed her complex’s garage was open and inside a beautiful dumpster in which to toss my french fries and paper bag.

eventually she bounced down the stairs and into my back seat.

SLS hotel please. hows your night?

mine? perfect. its a beautiful night and the worlds greatest uber driver just turned on some led zep.

april laughed and said her night was good and mellow.

i said, we have two different definitions for mellow then because when i’m mellow i put on my pajamas and kick back.

she was all, oh ive got pajamas on, they just look like leggings cuz theyre tucked into my boots.

robert plant sang something about squeezing a lemon and i gave her some silence to fill, specifically about why she is going to a hotel in pajamas.

not that its any of my business. but, who are we kidding, everythings my business.

eventually she laughed to break the silence and admitted she had smoked marijuana before she left her apartment.

i cant even smell it on you, i said.

thats great she said.

and sang along to the music.