you cant please everyone, but if you try you can please yrself

cool shirtone of the sad things about uber is you never know which passengers rated you what.

yesterday before i had to watch movies in the hollywood hills i had a total of six rides for a total of about $100. uber will tell you what your rating was for the day, which in my case was the unbelievably low 4.5 out of 5.

4.6 can get you fired if that becomes your average.

my average is 4.9 because im so sexy.

the only way 6 rides can equal a 4.5 is if 5 people give you a 5 and one person gives you a 2.

its so easy to figure out who gave the two, but lets break it down:

first ride was from park la brea to LAX. sweet chinese couple who were amazed that when i called them i asked what tower they were in. “we knew you were a pro”, they told me.

then i had lunch at kanpai and fought traffic to get to a guy who i picked up right on the beach in venice. he wanted me to drive him four blocks to his apartment where he had to pick up some stuff. then we drove to a friends’ house in the marina.

the whole ride was exactly one mile and yet it took 13 minutes because he had me wait for him for so long as he packed his crap. did i give him attitude: no. how much did Uber charge him in total: $7.

but you could tell he was just a bitter dude and there was nothing i could do about it and i know that for some reason he gave me a two.

the next people were these cute gurls and a guy who wanted to go from venice to hermosa beach. we followed the dudes directions and when i overheard one of the girls say she loved kesha i put on my kesha mix and they sang along for most of the 40 minute trip. no way did they give me a 2.

next was this couple who wanted to go to the airport. i confided in them that i didnt know hermosa very well, the dude was all, oh lemme show you the short cut out of here and we talked about UCSB and i got them to the airport in 21 minutes and no way did they give me anything other than a 5.

then i picked up a DJ from KLOS and his buddy. they loved me so much they gave me concert tickets to Joan Baez and the Indio Girl. no way did i get a 2 from those 2.

finally i got a guy in his softball uniform who needed to go from beverly hills to melrose. he was a huge Giants and 49ers fan. we talked about both teams and super sports bonded. again, no way for a 2 there.

which means the one 1-mile guy had to be the culprit. whats funny was i almost gave him a 3 so i would never have to pick him up again, but IM NICE and blew it off.

shows to go ya. always be honest in yr feedback.

i know uber doesnt tell us who rated us what because we know where ppl live, but i wish when someone gives a rating lower than a 4 they should be required to explain why and at the end of the month we should get all that info so we know how to improve.

maybe he was bummed that i didn’t open the door for him.