yesterday i had my best day ever ubering


they warned us that the 4th weekend was the busiest time of the year and they werent joking.

no matter where i was: hollywood, northridge, manhattan beach, as soon as i dropped someone off someone else wanted my black ass.

i felt like lebron james testing the free market waters.

i started at noon and got home at 1:30am, i even got to see some fireworks along the beach as i drove a nice Navy man and his gf from Oklahoma (who left sand in my back seat which i quickly cleaned out).

strange thing about the beach communities: people in hermosa want to go to redondo, people in redondo wanna go to hermosa. hardly anyone wants to go to manhattan beach. also the frat dudes are extremely fratty and the blonde girls whine but still lust after them.


picked up four guys from canada. one who told me tickets for Maple Leafs games are $200+ for the regular season. here he is a season ticket holder for the Kings at a fraction of that cost. i told him how much i love canadian girls, he told me how much he loves californian girls and just as he did a girl in an american flag beach towel opened it up in front of our full car to reveal a swimsuit magazine body with an american flag bikini.

USA they started chanting.

even though the money was great, im a weirdo, i like a change of scenery and after 4-5 hours driving from one beach to the other i wanted to get back to hollywood but no one was going there. then i got beeped by a guy who had two friends with him. the guy lived close (redondo) but wondered if i could take his two new friends to marina del rey.

only problem was they were soooo drunk they couldnt type in the credit card info into their phone to sign up for uber. also one of them goes, do you have a military discount? then the other said fuck it lemme just give you cash when we get there do you know where the harley dealership is in marina del rey?

i go, lincoln blvd right across from the del taco.

he said how much.

i said get me a fish taco and a coke when we get there and we’ll call it even.


the whole ride i was nervous they were gonna rob me or worse puke in my car but i dropped off the one guy at the harley dealership (for some reason), and the other guy bought me my food and i took him to the coast guard boat in the marina and i immediately got beeped to go t other side of the marina to pick someone else up.

it was long enough of a ride for me to finish my taco and throw out the trash.

turned out it was this black dude who was also way buzzed who said, i wanna go to hollywood but if you dont want to go that far thats cool.

i said brotha you are the answer to my prayers.

as we talked i learned he was new to LA. writes pop songs. is from virginia. takes the bus everywhere because his “money aint straight” yet. i gave him some tips on taking public transportation and half way through the trip i said, im gonna turn off the meter right here, ive had an amazingly good night, so lets both have one.

he was so grateful and that made me happy too.

got home, said hi to the cats and fell asleep so quickly i forgot to bring my cell phone in from the car. ha!