man plays baseball bat violin at cubs game

working more than one jobs is something i did in frisco and in college.

it’s one of the benefits of not have kids.

in frisco i actually had three jobs: i was a rep for several electronics companies, i had my own business setting up a/v systems in peoples houses, and i worked the box seats selling beer and hotdogs at candlestick for the giants

the thing i loved the most about the baseball gig was hearing all the different styles of nationals anthems. the most impressive was the dude with the singing saw.

but today in the nations capital during the cubs nationals game some guy busted with a violin made of a damn baseball bat.

and not only was he good, he was great.

somewhere in heaven tom jefferson knocked over his sam adams and said to benjamin franklin now thats what im talking about!

overdid it on the 4th and paid for it on the 5th


when i love something i do it till its physically painful.

the xbi says pain is an illusion, it’s really pleasure in bad packaging. like a pretty girl in a white sox hat.

it’s the one time they allude to buddhism. they say buddhists believe that there is the potential for enlightenment in everything, thus the illusion of pain shouldnt be avoided.

thus after a 13 hour day of driving from the 818 to the 714 that ache in your arms and hands, and that feeling of nausea, and especially that day-long throbbing headache should be absorbed and turned into an opportunity for a breakthrough.

jodie fosterso even though i started the day with a few uncomfortable rides, i went home put myself in time out. something i never do on a saturday night.

watched a bunch of Louie’s, then as i was enjoying Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs 2 i got involved in the most interesting and enjoyable text message conversation with the loveliest girl.

we both overshared. but who cares. air signs do that with each other. its why we work well. she told me about her time in jail and i revealed some xbi secrets that they wouldnt appreciate one bit.

even mentioned Lucho, which i never do. cuz you never know.

earlier in the day i picked up a guy by the shadiest hotel in all of hollywood. he was bald, but like shaved bald, not old man bald, he had just been smoking, and seemed pissed. off.

he kept looking around the back of my car like there was a catch.

finally he said, “this is a cute car.” not really the adjective i would have predicted from him, and thats why people are amazing. the little surprises.

i told him what it was, that it was Ford’s competitor to the Prius and he asked if i bought it or leased it.

i said, i bought it.

the catch apparently because he almost hissed “why do people buy cars any more?”

the last thing i wanted to do was get into an argument with this gentleman who seemed irritated and connected, but im also one to answer questions when theyre posed at me.

“i don’t like anyone, especially car manufacturers, to tell me how many miles i can drive,” i said. im not sure it pleased him but it shut him up for a while.

until we passed an upstart tour van with its roof cut off.

fucking tourists, he said.