kiss + def leppard tonight at the forum

kiss armyonly time ive ever seen kiss live was at the american idol finale when adam lambert won.

they had this thing where the two finalists each sang two songs.

the first song they sang alone and the second they sang with a famous group. Lamberts was with Kiss. and it was spectacular.

just one song but mama mia. fireworks. raised platforms. real rock and roll.

drove this dude yesterday from Los Feliz to Santa Monica and when i told him about the show he was all hmmmm maybe i’ll go too. he had never seen Kiss neither.

Def Leppard is opening up. my sister had Pyromania which i always thought was a weak version of AC/DC but in a pinch anything AC/DCish is better than some of the crap that was on the radio then.

nowadays i think they’ll be a fine opener.

it’s weird, i dont think ive ever owned a KISS record but im pretty sure i know all the songs theyre gonna play tonight. how? osmosis? so many other bands covering them? the radio?

because rock and roll is in my heart and pumps through my soul?

anyways im stoked. im going with amber, an excellent young lady who is very fun to hang out with. we have good seats. its at the refurbished Fabulous Forum, which i havent been to since their makeover.

the show starts a little earlier than id like it to because id sure love to grab some soul food before the gig but i dont wanna miss too much of the leppard.