the only answer is yes

come with

everything else is so boring.

everything else is just different layers of the same flavorless cake.

long live LA but so many girls out here dont even eat cake unless its cupped.

do you know how many girls i know who were good at certain things but said no

or different flavors of that so often that i was all

who told you thats even one of the options

columbus didnt say no. or zeppelin.

hendrix didnt say no and hes dead but is he

gravity says no all the time and we do everything we can to say

f-u gravity and your naysaying. we surf its no’s and make it ours.

even little girls skipping are all say no again, say it.

yes sounds good in any language

even in silence

even just with the smile

even just with the eyes.

yes is yes is yes even to a dog even to a log

even to a god.

which is why the good book has way more ouis

than hold up theres. and i quote:

for if you had the faith of a mustard seed, you could move mountains.

but you keep saying nah.