why uber should allow tips

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every month uber figures out ways to make more money for themselves.

they’ve cut prices, increased their commissions fares, and soon they will charge drivers in LA ten bucks a week to rent the iphones used to connect passengers with available cars.

that’s fine, a company should constantly be figuring out new revenue streams and then pumping some of those profits back into the business to make it stronger.

one way uber could make uber stronger is to let the drivers make more money through bonuses provided by the passengers, otherwise known as tips.

the idea that “tips are built in” may have been sorta true back when prices were higher and commissions were lower, but by definition a tip is something determined by the passenger after (and sometimes before) the service is rendered.

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while the company continues to extract more money from the drivers, the drivers become resentful. surprise, surprise. they protest, they jump ship to the competitors, they provide less super-happy rides, and they bitch and whine on their world famous blogs.

tips would ease a lot of those tensions, because unlike yours truly, many of these drivers are driving on nights and weekends solely for the money. you tell me: what’s an easier way to funnel more cash into the pockets of excellent drivers than in micro bonuses like what other service providers often get?

last night i drove from 6-10:30p and then from 1am-3:30am. 15 rides. uber made $40 off me in commissions. i drove 100 miles, which in my beautifully fuel efficient car is 2.5 gallons of gas or $10.50.

that means if i averaged $2 in tips from each trip, most of the dent from gas plus uber’s take would be relieved: thus drivers wouldn’t really ever have any reason to whine.

therefore, if uber made it super easy to tip say $2 (like put suggested tips on the app based on distance and time of the trip), drivers would feel more like the Partners uber calls us and be more loyal and happier: which would show in more pleasant rides, cleaner and more pimped out cars, and encourage and retain more professional drivers.

but what do i know. the busblog isn’t valued at 17 billion.

any more.